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WPLM (WordPress Link Monetizer) is a WordPress plugin that can automatically monetize every link on your blog!, redirect your visitors to an advertising page, or even integrate adf.ly to each link of your site. The plugin gives you a lot of control over which links get monetized, categories / pages / sites to exlude, integration mode (iframe or redirect link), ads manager and much more.

With this plugin, you can make money easily for every link on your site, and even the spammers links! Here is an example, you have a link in an article:


This link will be automatically cloaked / converted to:


If a visitor clicks on this link, he will be redirected to a page of your choice:

1 – Redirect Page: A page with your ad and your custom text, visitors will have to wait or click on the link shown to visit “anothersite.com”.
2 – Iframe Page: The site “anothersite.com” will be open but in an iframe, you can insert your advertising banners. The visitor will visit “anothersite.com”, consult the pages… But always with your ads inserted!
3 – URL shortener service – adF.ly: The visitor will be redirected to adF.ly with your affiliate link before being redirected to the outgoing site “anothersite.com”.


Item URL: freelanceonweb.com/wp-link-monetizer
Contact: contact@freelanceonweb.com
Support: freelanceonweb.com/forum

What you get?

\ Plugin with all Features
\ QuickStart
\ Free Support (+Docs & Help)
\ Free Updates (+Request Features)


\ Automatic monetize your links
\ Custom and filter your monetized links
\ 3 Modes of outgoing page: Redirect page, Iframe, adF.ly
\ Custom your Redirect Page (text, images, ads)
\ Predefined template page
\ Ads Manager
\ AdF.ly Integration
\ Full control panel
\ Compatible with wordpress 2.x and 3.x

Live Demo:

Site Demo: freelanceonweb.com/wp-link-monetizer/demo
Admin Demo: freelanceonweb.com/wp-link-monetizer/demo/wp-admin


Forum: http://freelanceonweb.com/forum
We would like to thank everyone who contributed to release and improving this script, with your useful advice and suggestions, we can develop the script together. Special thanks to “Mr Alex Albert” : https://www.facebook.com/MrAlexAlbert


Version 1.1 – 04/22/2012:

  • [Added] Google Ananytics Integration
  • [Added] Exclude post types
  • [Added] New Shortcode
  • [Added] New version checker
  • [Improved] Iframe Integration
  • [Improved] Admin Style
  • [Fixed] Link Redirection

Version 1.0 – 04/17/2012:

  • First Release

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