Twitter Hover Tweet for WordPress




Twitter Hover Tweet for WordPress and allows you to quickly and easily add hover-over Tweet buttons to your images on the fly making them instantly “Tweet-able” on Twitter. Even better, the hover effects are silky smooth, cross browser, and come with multiple overlay images!¬†More tweets = More Traffic = More $$$$

Twitter Hover Tweet for WordPress
Twitter Hover Tweet for WordPress - 1


  • Silky smooth jQuery hover effects provide cool overlay effects and Tweet buttons making users more apt to share your pages!
  • On the fly button creation – you do not need to type a single line of code or make a single button!
  • Includes 5 different image hover effects / overlays!
  • Has support for custom page URLs!
  • Has support for pre-loaded tweet text!
  • Has support for custom counter URLs – redirect all your tweet counts to a single URL (like your homepage)!
  • Can be applied to any image class on your site!
  • Works with large and small images!
  • AJAX settings / admin panel!
  • Can use the current page on the fly or set a manual URL for all your Hover Tweet buttons!
  • Uses the new HTML5 version of the Tweet button.
  • Includes full documentation and instructions.
  • Free updates!
  • Google Chrome – All Recent Releases
  • Firefox – All Recent Releases
  • Safari – All Recent Releaes
  • Opera – All Recent Releases
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 9 & 10
  • Works on all iOS5 devices! iPhone, iPad, and iTouch + Most Android Devices

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