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Display your Instagram photos and video directly on your WordPress site and amaze your friends, followers, and clients. Developed specifically for WordPress; Social Roll innovates a new way to show the world about you and your brand. Great for businesses, Social Roll gives your clients the opportunity to look at your company culture and products.

New Features in Version 2.0 (October 28, 2013)

  • Added Video Support (major update!)
  • Added quick paging functionality
  • Added addtional filter options to filter video and images
  • Updated compatibility bugs.
  • Now shows Social Roll interface only when page has completely loaded.

New Features in Version 1.1 (May 7, 2013)

  • Added hashtag support for individual posts / pages
  • Added support to hide social roll interface on individual posts / pages
  • Added username feed support for individual posts / pages

Advanced Interactive Features

Sliding panel overlays, animated lightbox effects, and more. Social Roll slides right on top of your website.

Social Roll | Instagram for WordPress - 2

Responsive Design

User interface scales for all desktop and mobile platforms.

Social Roll | Instagram for WordPress - 3

Control how many Instagram pictures are displayed from 1 to infinite!

Social Roll | Instagram for WordPress - 4

Other Features

  • Display any user Instagram Media.
  • Image and Video descriptions are pulled into each picture.
  • Built for WordPress.
  • Great for photographers, entertainers, consumer products, sports, real estate, foodies, and more.
  • Full product support at

We take GREAT pride in our product support! Head over to our support site to ask your questions.


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