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Undoubtedly the best WooCommerce reporting plugin you will find in the market!

Sales Report Woo is an All-in-One reporting plugin for WooCommerce. This plugin helps you to know your customers and find trends in sales orders – helping you to ensure that your eCommerce store operates at its maximum potential.

  • No gibberish data, ONLY clear & concise reports.
  • Simple & actionable insights for WooCommerce Store.
  • Aim: Increase your sales & overall business performance.

Whether you are running your own store or working as an analyst for a business, this plugin aims to serve the best purpose to make your analysis easy and accurate. However, if you have some feature requests that would make your work easier, we’d happily listen to you and work on adding your request to our development pipeline.

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Who should use this plugin?

“You” – To understand your customers’ behavior and optimize your WooCommerce store’s overall sales performance.

Features of Sales Report Woo Plugin

  1. Sales Dashboard
  2. Guests and Registered Buyers List with Easy Filters
  3. Orders Overview with Quick Filters and CSV Export.
  4. Orders by Country
  5. Orders by Payment Methods
  6. Orders by Devices
  7. Top Buyers per Country
  8. Top Buyers per Payment Methods
  9. Easy CSV Export for each list
  10. Export Buyers for each product

and more…


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Sales Dashboard

Get a visual overview of your data to easily analyze how your business is doing.

sales dashboard

Top Buyers

top buyers

One thing is for sure, if you have a few satisfied customers on your site, they will come back to purchase more products from you.

Taking a look at who your top buyers are and what value they have spent on your site is not just interesting but also valuable. However, just letting them wander around your site like other visitors is not what you would want to do.

Our sales dashboard will help you identify them but it is up to you how you will nurture them.

Offer loyalty rewards like coupons or gift cards, send personalized notes about upcoming offers – identify your top buyers, and get in touch with them personally.

Top Products

top products

This chart shows you the top 5 products of your site. The top 5 products are taken based on the visitor’s interactions on these products and their journey to the cart page and from cart to check out movements.

Top Categories

top categories

Within the Dashboard of the plugin, you’ll find a section that’ll help you identify the top product categories of your eCommerce store. This analytics helps you understand what type of products should you add more to increase your sales.

Not just that, if you are using promotions, adding the products of these categories will help you increase sales too. The chart shows you the revenue generated and the product categories. The above chart is taken from a demo store so you only see the categories unisex, Home, Men, and Women but when you install the plugin, you will be able to see all your categories that are creating value for your business.

It also helps you identify which product categories are not helping your business grow. You can make appropriate decisions accordingly.

Sales Insights

What are the two main components of a sale?

  • Customers – Who bought the product…
  • Orders – What did they buy…

Sales insights offer you detailed information about the Customers and Orders.


The orders section presents you with an abundance of data. You can use it in many clever ways.

Try the filters in any combination to view data and generate reports.


The customer section gives you in-depth details of all of your buyers and their orders along with other information like IP Addresses and Devices.

Orders Per Country

orders per country

Get the list of orders per country along with the top buyers. Oh yes, you can export all the details.

Export Buyers for Each Product


You can export buyers for each product from the WooCommerce product list area. Just hover over the product and click the “Export Buyers” link. That’s it!

Units Sold and Earnings Per Product


On the same page as above, you will also find information about the number of units sold and earnings per product.

Earnings Per Category


On the product category page, you will find the earnings per category.

Orders Per User

On the users listing page, you will see a new column called “orders” that will list the total number of products the user has purchased. You can click on the count to view all orders of the particular user.

users order


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