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Pergo - Multipurpose Landing Page WordPress Theme - 1

Pergo - Multipurpose Landing Page WordPress Theme - 2

Now presenting a huge updated version 1.2 of Pergo; which is bigger better and more powerful. Get new heights in your business and start-up with 30 Demos, 8 inner pages, 80+ reusable UI blocks of Pergo.

Major Update

  • 12 additional landing pages added
  • 10 extra UI element added in Visual composer plugin
  • Title underline & color options added
  • Additional 7 color added in color options.
  • and many more, check change log

Pergo - Multipurpose Landing Page WordPress Theme - 3

PERGO is a Multipurpose landing page based on Word Press theme. This theme is a carefully crafted, flexible and high-performance platform for your all needs of a client.

Pergo is best suited for start-ups, creative projects, designers, freelancers and anyone who needs such creative things. It is based on Twitter Bootstrap 4.0 framework, fully responsive, Retina-ready and easy to customize. With PERGO you can create any landing page according to your wish, just in a few minutes.

The promotion and branding of any product or service are very important for the success of any business. A website is a gateway for the client; through which he or she can reach you. So don’t you think the appearance of the website should be given prime importance? If you think so; then Pergo is the only platform for you to present your ideas in a most creative and unique way.

All the business and start-ups are the result of hard work of years, and you cannot afford to be out of the race just because of lack of technological knowledge. Your idea and creativity of our expert team can achieve any goal. Pergo is the only place for achievers.

Pergo is independent of the platform as; it can be easily accessed by all the platforms like- desktop, tablets, Laptops, mobile phones, etc. Pergo is very different from its peers as; it is based on Twitter Bootstrap 4.0 framework. It is a fully responsive theme, Retina-ready. The easy to customize templates are available only on this platform. The coding is very simple here and even a beginner can make necessary changes. The response time in Pergo is very less; with this platform, you can create attractive landing pages with different colors and 630 +font options; in just a few minutes.

With Pergo, you will get-

  • 30 Demos
  • 8 Inner pages
  • 80+ Reusable UI blocks.

Pergo is the best, why?

  • On this platform, you will get all the updated pages as now Pergo comes up with updated version 1.2.
  • The unique features like 30 Demos are not very often available in such kind of packages with the lowest cost.
  • Only this package provides 8 verified templates for inner pages to provide wings to your creativity and make your dreams come true.
  • In Pergo, you will get unique landing pages according to your need. As the requirement and feature of the medical or health sector are completely different from the insurance sector; so you cannot use the same landing page template for both objectives.
  • It has different templates for different sectors like- Medical & health, Event & conference, E-book, law, Construction, Insurance, Product Showcase, Hosting, e-course, consulting, interior design, and many more.
  • Pergo provides all the landing pages enabled with the latest technology.
  • Though you will get multipurpose landing pages on Pergo; yet it provides diversified pages with for 12+ different objectives.
  • It has 20 new UI blocks along with 80+ reusable UI blocks.
  • 12 new demos are recently added in Pergo which is like a cherry on the cake.
  • All the pages in Pergo are designed according to the convenience of diversified users.
  • Pergo provides several diversified features like- Powerful Theme options, Unlimited Colour presets, Simple mega menu.
  • It is independent of platforms i.e. it can be used easily with any PC, Tablet and Mobile phone. In other words, we can say that Pergo has Fully Responsive Layout.
  • The resulting feature of Pergo is quite attractive.
  • The expert team of Pergo provides dedicated support to all the clients.
  • Every idea and project requires specific color combinations. In this theme, you get unlimited color options which can make the pages of your application or website creation. It gives a personalized touch to your website as; it can show the main objective and features of your business. The color themes of Pergo have all different shades of colors to enhance your creativity.
  • The coding used by Pergo is very easy and simple. Even the beginners can understand it, and use templates effectively.
  • WPML – (The Word Press Multilingual Plug-in): Pergo supports WPML so the development of a multilingual website is possible in this platform. WPML feature supports the globalization. If you prudently use this feature then your business can achieve new heights of success in the foreign market also. It is primarily important for Multi-National companies.

Specialties of this Platform-

Pergo provides landing pages packages for the start-ups, creative projects, design, freelancers, etc.

  • It is a user-friendly package specially designed for a diversified audience.
  • It is specially built with usability in mind.
  • Have a great modern design.
  • Have unique features like-Google Analytics Ready, Cross Browser Compatibility, and Working PHP Mail Chimp Form.
  • It supports all the Google Fonts.

Have specified pages for the diverse fields like-

  • Medical and Health
  • Event and Conference
  • E-book
  • Lawyers
  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Product Showcase
  • Hosting
  • e-Course
  • Consulting
  • Interior design
  • 404 pages.

Major Updates

  • 12 additional landing pages added
  • 10 extra UI elements added in Visual Composer plug-in
  • Title underline & color options added
  • Additional 7 colors are added in color options.

PERGO Features:

  • 30+ ready Layout Styles Landing & multipage
  • 80+ design blocks
  • One click demo install
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Real-time Analytics from wp-admin
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Left/right sidebar, full width page & blog layout.
  • Woo commerce supported
  • Sidebar/full-width layout of shop & product page
  • Wishlist, Quick view of products
  • WPML supported
  • Translation Ready with .pot file
  • Portfolio & Team post type
  • Powerful Theme options
  • Unlimited Colour presets
  • Simple mega menu
  • Fully Responsive Layout (PC, Tablet and Mobile phone)
  • HTML5/CSS3 W3C Valid
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap 4
  • Clean & Ultra Modern Design
  • Developer Friendly Commented Code
  • Modern Responsive Mobile Navigation
  • 8+ Additional Inner Pages
  • SEO Optimised Page Layouts (heading use etc.)
  • Google Analytics Ready
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Working PHP Mail Chimp Form
  • 630+ Font Awesome Icons
  • Google Fonts supported
  • Easy To Understand Documentation
  • Dedicated support.

Pergo - Multipurpose Landing Page WordPress Theme - 4

Pergo - Multipurpose Landing Page WordPress Theme - 5

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Note: Preview image is for demo purpose only

Change Log

1.6.7 - 1st Jan, 2021
1. Theme required plugins updated
2. Convertplug plugins updated
3. Revslider Updated
4. CSS fixed

1.6.6 - 22th December, 2020
1. Theme required plugins updated
2. Google-map updated
3. JS Composer plugins updated.
4. CSS fixed

1.6.5 - 02 December, 2020
1. Theme required plugins updated
2. Convertplug plugins updated
3. JS Composer plugins updated.
4. CSS fixed

1.6.4 - 06th November, 2020
1. Responsive issue fixed
2. Woocommerce template files updated
3. CSS fixed

1.6.3 - 30th September, 2020
1. Theme required plugins updated
2. CSS fixed

1.6.2 - 3rd September, 2020
1. Preloader background options added
2. Theme required plugins updated
3. CSS fixed

1.6.1 - 27th August, 2020
1. WPBakery elements updated
2. Theme required plugins updated
3. Header, Footer scripts settings added
4. CSS fixed

1.6.0 - 26th August, 2020
1. WPBakery elements updated
2. Image alt field added
3. CSS fixed

1.5.9 - 21th August, 2020
1. WPBakery Page Builder update
2. Revslider plugin updated
3. JS console issues fixed
4. Option tree updated
5. CSS fixed

1.5.8 - 20th August, 2020
1. WP 5.5 js issues fixed
2. CSS issues fixed

1.5.7 - 13th August, 2020
1. WP 5.5 compatibility issues fixed
2. Product category issues
3. Theme required plugins updated
4. CSS fixed

1.5.5 - 22th April, 2020
1. Theme required plugin updated
2. CSS fixed
1.5.4 - 22th March, 2020
1. Convert plus plugin Updated
2. Woocommerce template files updated
3. CSS fixed
1.5.3 - 6th February, 2020
1. Slider Revolution Updated
2. Woocommerce template files updated
3. JS fixed
1.5.2 - 9th January, 2020
1. JS Composer plugin updated.
2. Backtotop on-off options added
3. Video popup options added in post
4. JS files updated
5. CSS fixed
1.1.2 - 9 December, 2019
1. Newsletter bugs fixed
2. CSS fixed
1.5.0 - 12th November, 2019
1. Portfolio Single updated
2. Team Single updated
3. Newsletter updated
4. Single post, portfolio title tag options added
5. CSS fixed
1.4.9 - 29th August, 2019
1. WooCommerce issu fixed
2. CSS fixed
1.4.8 - 8th August, 2019
1. Navbar right menu option added for Navbar
2. Responsive toogler button bug fixed
3. CSS fixed
1.4.7 - 5th August, 2019
1. Menu issues fixed
2. Single column testimonial slider hover issues fixed
3. CSS fixed
4. JS files updated
1.4.5 - 21th July, 2019
1. List tab added
2. Testimonial Single added
3. Process Group added
4. CSS issue fixed
5. JS Composer Updated
1.4.4 - 13th July, 2019
1. Service box typography issues fixed
2. CSS issue fixed
1.4.3 - 12th July, 2019
1. VC element typography issues fixed
2. VC element updated
3. CSS issue fixed
1.4.2 - 8th July, 2019
1. Tag & size options added in typography options
2. H1 tag option added in hero elements
3. Navbar style 2 PHP bug fixed
4. CSS issue fixed
1.4.1 - 1st July, 2019
1. Demo Data import issues fixed
2. H1 tag option added
3. Page header background issues fixed
4. CSS issue fixed
1.4.0 - 30th May, 2019
1. Responsive issue fixed
2. Demo Data updated
3. CSS issue fixed
4. JS issue fixed
Pergo 1.3.8 - 17th May, 2019
1. Portfolio popup gallery option added
2. Responsive logo options added
3. Visual Composer & convertplug plugins updated
4. JS file updated
5. RTL CSS fixed
7. CSS fixed
1.3.6 - 9th April, 2019
1. Post Carousel added
2. Post Isotope added
3. Team Carousel added
4. Woocommerce Quantity fields updated
5. JS file updated
6. PLugins updated
7. CSS fixed
1.3.4 - 10th March, 2019
1. Gutenberg optimized
2. Email subscriber form issues fixed
3. Woocommerce issues updated
4. background Color variation added in startup-1 hero form
5. Product Isotope/Carousel templates added
6. CSS fixed
7. JS file updated
1.3.3 - 28th February, 2019
1. Footer quickform auto height issues fixed
2. Navbar right info text color issues fixed
3. Link target options, additional color added in Navbar right info
4. Theme required plugin options make child theme supported
5. W3C validated issues fixed
6. CSS fixed
7. JS file updated
1.3.2 - 18th February, 2019

1. WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated
2. Parent menu is now clickable in Hover menu
3. Theme options updated
4. CSS fixed
5. JS file updated
1.3.1 - 15th january, 2019
1. Service box title link options added
2. Card box image & title link option added
3. Single portfolio image popup options added
4. Single product image popup added
5. Testimonial carousel control added
6. Discount banner typography options added
7. Discount banner background color options added
8. Single slide item bug fixed
9. 'pergo/recognized_font_families' filter added for custom typography
10. Lead text is now supported multiple lines
11. Our skills  section typography options added
11. FAQ typography options added
12. JS file updated
13. CSS fixed

Date: 27th Dec 2018

1. Single team page updated

2. Member information display option added in single team

3. Single portfolio page updated,

4. Single portfolio display option added in single team

5. Social icons color/grey option added in theme options for blog & portfolio
6. Pergo extended plugins included for typography options
7. Menu & submenu typography options added in theme options
8. Our clients link option added
9. Fontawesome icon added in Service box element 
10. Vimeo video popup isssues fixed
11. Custom typography & highlight text options added Some of elements
12. Admin jquery issues fixed
13. CSS fixed
Changelog: 20 Nov 2018

1. Portfolio button bugs fixed
2. Dropdown Navigation on Hover option added
3. Breadcrumds Light/Dark/Preset color overlay options added
4. Woocommerce Tabstyle rounded added
5. Demo data updated
6. Responsive issues fixed
7. JS & CSS fixed
Date: 27th Oct 2018
1. 12 More landing page added
2. 10 extra UI element added in Visual composer plugin
3. Title underline & color options added
4. Addtional 7 color added in color options.
5. Design option added in VC row, Column
6. No spacing column option added in VC row settings
7. Border separated column option added in VC row settings
8. Typography option added in previous elements
9. Global hero section included
10. You can change hero option in Section settings
11. Responsive issues fixed
12. Demo data updated
13. CSS & JS fixed
Date:8th Oct 18

1. ConvertPlus plugin added for Real-time Analytics & Campaign management
2. Startup hero section bug fixed
3. Theme option nav button issues fixed
4. CSS & JS issues fixed
Date:16th Sep 18
1. Responsive issues fixed
2. Layout style Rounded(default), Semi-rounded, Flat added
3. Global animation ON/OFF options added
4. JS issues fixed
5. CSS issues fixed
Date: 13th September 2018
1. Search button issue fixed
2. Quick viw added in product
3. Post meta options included in theme options
4. Video background issue fixed
5. Section video background element added
6. Demo data updated
7. CSS issues fixed
Date: 12th September 2018
1. Woocommerce plugin included
2. Navbar search icon, cart icon option added
3. Related post based on category/tag option added
4. PLugins updated
5. Demo data updated
6. CSS fixed.
Date: 7th Sep 2018
1. Video popup issue fixed
2. Megamenu option added
3. Multipage demo added
4. Demo data updated
5. CSS fixed
Date: 5th Sep 2018
1. Footer quick contact form added
2. Preloader on/off option added in theme options
3. Slider revoulation plugins added
4. Demo data updated
5. CSS fixed


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