Password Policy Manager for WordPress




Ensure Your WordPress Users Use Strong Passwords

The main culprit of WordPress hack attacks are weak passwords. Even though WordPress does auto suggest strong passwords, users can still use their own weak passwords, and they do!

Unless strong password policies are enforced, users will keep on using weak passwords, putting your website at risk of getting hacked. The plugin Password Policy Manage for WordPress was developed to address this problem – it helps WordPress website owners and administrators ensure their users use strong and unguessable passwords.

The Password Policy Manager for WordPress plugin allows you to configure password policies users must adhere to. It ensuring users use strong passwords that cannot be easily guessed during brute force attacks by malicious hackers.

WooCommerce Ready!

Do you have a subscription site, or an eCommerce solution powered by WooCommerce? Use this plugin to enforce policies on WooCommerce users and customers.

Features Overview

It only takes a few seconds to configure strong WordPress passwords policies and improve the security of your WordPress website. With the Password Policy Manager for WordPress you can ensure that users’ passwords have:

  • A minimum number of characters
  • Lower and upper-case characters
  • Special characters
  • Numbers

You can also:

  • set passwords to expire after a certain period, ensuring users do not use the same password for very long
  • reset all users passwords with just a single click

Ensure Your WordPress Site Is Not Exposed – Use Strong Passwords

The Password Policies Manager is very easy to use because you do not have to familiarize yourself with a new system. It integrates seamlessly within your WordPress login page and uses the standard WordPress UI. The user experience is also seamless. Users are notified during login when their password is expired and can reset it via a simple link.

Boost the security of your WordPress website by ensuring your users use strong passwords! Install the Password Policy Manager for WordPress plugin.

WordPress Single Site Support

This plugin only works on WordPress sites and is not yet compatible with WordPress multisite networks.

The Password Policy Manager is developed by WP White Security, the developers of the most popular and comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin, WP Security Audit Log.


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