Notification Bar for WordPress




A WordPress plugin to show notification bars on your website. You can place HTML in the notification bar, choose between 13 color schemes and set the position and animation speed. There is also support for cookies and links.


  • Dynamic Notification Bars
  • Easy-to-use Admin Panel
  • 13 Beautiful Themes
  • Remember Function
  • Customize Animation & Position
  • Cross-browser Support


  • PHP5+
  • WordPress 3.x

Admin Options

  • Enable: Enable or disable the Notification Bar.
  • Text: The text for in the Notification Bar. You can use some HTML tags.
  • Link: A link. Leave empty for no link.
  • Remember: Choose to remember if the visitor closed the Notification Bar.
  • Remember ID: The remember ID for the Notification Bar. Each time it changes, the remember function resets.
  • Theme: The color scheme of the Notification Bar. You can choose between 13 different colors: silver, red, orange, green, dark green, blue, dark blue, pink, fiord,
    hurricane, smoke blue, coffee, black.
  • Position: The position of the Notification Bar.
  • Animate In: Animate the Notification Bar when the page loads.
  • Animation Speed: The speed of the animation in miliseconds.


1.1.0 (Feb 8 2012)
* Added option to choose between a thick or thin notification bar
* Fixed bug causing plugin conflicts
* Fixed bug causing a debug warning

1.0.0 (Dec 9 2012)
* First version


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