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Allowing users to edit there own profile (including image) really helps transforms a website into a community. The My Profile WordPress plugin allows you to add the profile editing functionality easily by dropping a shortcode into an existing or new page. Designed to be as easy to install and set up as possible it only takes a few minutes to get working.

26/01/2013 V1.5: The first major update to the plugin has added 2 new shortcodes that make it easy to print the users profile image and any detail about them needed to a page.

04/03/2013 V2.0: Added the ability to ask users for custom information in the profile editing form. This can then be printed to the screen with another shortcode that comes with this plugin or from another plugin or theme by using the WordPress get_user_meta() function.

17/03/2013 V2.5: Users may choose there own display name from a drop down on the profile edit form.


User Profile Editing

With a shortcode dropped into a page you instantly create a profile editing section on your website for registered users to alter there personal details without having to go into wp-admin. This is great to keep your brand consistently active during the visitors entire journey.

User Photo Add/Remove

Bring your website alive with color & graphics by allowing users to easily add there photo or brand image. Another simple shortcode makes it easy to add this to a page (requires the free plugin User Photo from to handle the image moderation).

Easy To Install & Set Up

The beauty of this plugin is that there is no settings. Just install and you can be allowing visitors to edit there profiles in minutes. Styling can be easily altered by even the lower end web designers.

Works With

All major browsers. Minimal styling applied, id’s and class’es used as much as possible to allow for easy customization. Looks and feels fine straight out of the box.

Auto Updates

This plugin contains our auto update script so that you get notified through your websites back-end as soon as an update is available for this plugin. Updating is a simple 1 click process


Use the Comments or FAQ system above to ask questions if you get stuck and we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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