Mortgage and Loan Calculator Plugin for WordPress




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Mortgage and Loan Calculator Plugin and Widget for WordPress
(Translate Ready)

Let your website visitors calculate their payments based upon the
interest rates and loan amount entered.
Mortgage and Loan Calculator Widget/Plugin is also translate ready, that means you can translate any plugin fields to your preferred language using WPML or qTranslate or just by editing the language files with an editor.

One of the most unique features is that it gives the opportunity for your visitors to receive reports on their email account.

This is a win win situation because your users will be happy for archiving their reports and will come back for more in order to compare with older ones, while you receive precious stats for later report monetization.

Fields used in WordPress Mortgage and Loan Calculator

  • Mortgage amount
  • Mortgage term
  • Interest rate
  • Extra Payments
  • Email Report


  • They can change any values without reloading page.
  • They can enter “Extra Payments” details although its not required.
  • If your visitors wish they can enable the “Send report to email” option
    in case they want to have their report sent as an email for later comparison
    with other reports.
  • After entering all fields select “Calculate” and wait a few seconds for
    the results to appear.

Every time your visitor enables the email report you get results saved
in your WordPress database under table `wp_a_m_c_reports`.

You can use that table for exporting reports and other useful data.
Plugin uninstall also removes all related tables.

Installation and Setup

  1. Extract zip file locally.
  2. Find and edit file public/mortgage-and-loan-calculator.php with notepad or any other editor.
  3. Go to line 292 and 1213 and replace with your url then save and close file.
    Then go to line 298 and 1220 and replace with your own email then save and close file.
  4. Go to line 365 and replace the owner url from to your own, do the same for line 841.
  5. Upload folder under /wp-content/plugins/ through
  6. Log into your WordPress admin section and enable Plugin.
  7. If you want to use the widget as well just visit the Widget settings under the Appearance section.

Plugin can be used inside any article by placing the following code:

If you want to use it as a widget just slide the “Monthly Mortgage Calculator” widget to your desired sidebar.

Mortgage and Loan Calculator WordPress Plugin Upgrade

  1. Deactivate plugin.
  2. Download locally new files and upload them to your website.
  3. Reactivate the plugin.


Plugin is developed to work and function with the default WP installation, themes and plugins. If you are using plugins and themes(mostly) that don’t follow the WP standards then there is chance that the plugin won’t work as expected unless you adjust your theme or plugin with conflict accordingly.

Mortgage and Loan Calculator Plugin for WordPress Support

You can request support or send questions and inquiries through the href=””>Support Contact Form.

Additional Notes:
You can use both plugin and sidebar widget at the same time without any

For more Financial Calculators both for WordPress or php/html scripts take a look at my Portfolio page.

* If your host is using a php version less than 5.3.x then before installing plugin delete file “mortgage-calc.php” and rename file “mortgage-calc-for-php-less-than-3x.php” to “mortgage-calc.php”


version 1.4.4 – 08.10.2015
– Bug Fix: Total Loan Value wrong calculations
version 1.4.3 – 28.07.2015
– new: Total Loan Value simplified
version 1.4.2
– licence activation added
– new: Total Loan Value added
version 1.4.1
– Fixed widget bug
version 1.4
– Plugin now compatible to latest WP guidelines
version 1.3.1
– Fixed bug for not showing the widget 12 April 2014
version 1.3
– Plugin now is translate ready
– Bug fix for not showing Feb month in reports plus failing to calculate one time payment
version 1.20
– 32bit Support


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