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Modern Video Player is highly customizable WordPress gallery plugin with lots of adjustable features.

It support self hosted video, audio, 360 reality video and image panorama, Youtube and Vimeo content. Also provides ability to display any custom iframe like Wistia video, Dailymotion, Google Maps etc..

Support for adverts (pre-roll, mid-roll, end-roll) and annotations during playback.

Using wordpress admin create unlimited number of playlists and players. Playlists can be mixed with different media together.

This plugin can be added into any post or page area using shortcodes.

WordPress installation:

Creating player and playlists:

tags: wordpress video, video statistics, video player, youtube playlist, vimeo album, live streaming, youtube gallery manager, google analytics

jQuery version available here:

Updates / Changelog

VERSION 3.15 [18.9.2019]

 - [UPDATE] Youtube api quota optimization

VERSION 3.1 [16.9.2019]

 - [UPDATE] admin updates

VERSION 3.01 [2.9.2019]

 - [UPDATE] small code improvements

VERSION 3.0 [28.8.2019]

 - [UPDATE] all new skins
 - [ADD] change css colors in backend 
 - [UPDATE] code improvements

VERSION 2.65 [14.6.2019]

 - [ADD] seek to chapter start option (when chapters are used) 
 - [UPDATE] improved mouse inactiving over player
 - [FIX] adverts not working with youtube, vimeo videos without data-noapi attribute
 - [ADD] option to set sticky video only if video is playing 

VERSION 2.61 [13.4.2019]

 - [FIX] click on playlist item cancels load more on total scroll

VERSION 2.6 [23.3.2019]

 - [FIX] fixed youtube single video list direct shortcode

VERSION 2.59 [15.3.2019]

 - [ADD] playlist is stored in browser to limit API requests for Youtube, Vimeo and other services

VERSION 2.58 [6.2.2019]

 - [ADD] support for Vimeo private unlisted videos
 - [UPDATE] improved embedding of multiple players in same page

VERSION 2.57 [27.1.2019]

 - [ADD] load Youtube channel by username, load Vimeo album by username

VERSION 2.56 [3.12.2018]

 - [ADD] set any frame as poster for self hosted video 
 - [UPDATE] some controls layout improvements

VERSION 2.55 [1.12.2018]

 - [ADD] picture in picture option 
 - [ADD] mpeg dash support
 - [ADD] new controls style
 - [ADD] chapter markers in seekbar for adverts
 - [UPDATE] small code improvements

VERSION 2.5 [20.11.2018]

 - [UPDATE] direction RTL compatibility
 - [ADD] hover preview for playlist thumbnails (gif)
 - [ADD] new player skins
 - [ADD] option to change any player icon with svg icons
 - [ADD] custom right click context menu
 - [ADD] option to show any playlists in page with shortcode so they can be loaded with api on runtime
 - [UPDATE] auto sort break points from low to high
 - [UPDATE] seekbar and time auto hide for Youtube live stream videos
 - [FIX] small bug fixes

VERSION 2.46 [18.10.2018]

 - [UPDATE] dynamic subtitle font size 
 - [UPDATE] option to encrypt media url directly in shortcode
 - [ADD] overwrite default wordpress mp4 video shortcode 

VERSION 2.45 [4.10.2018]

 - [ADD] new playlist positions (vertical left, horizontal top)
 - [ADD] new sharing sites (reddit, pinterest, digg, linkedin)
 - [ADD] optional published date in playlist items for Youtube and Vimeo (with title and description)
 - [FIX] wrong tooltip position in lightbox mode
 - [FIX] wrong grid gutter calculation

VERSION 2.42 [29.9.2018]

 - [FIX] first track not displayed in playlist with playlist_id shortcode
 - [FIX] having global playlist ads/annotations enabled (but not defined) prevented media ads/annotations to show
 - [FIX] having pre roll advert preventing annotations to show on main media

VERSION 2.41 [27.9.2018]

 - [ADD] Player quick demo importer with shortcodes

VERSION 2.4 [26.9.2018]

 - [ADD] AdSense support in player 
 - [ADD] automatically generate Vimeo download links
 - [ADD] export / import playlist to csv (requires FILE priviledge or local-infile=1)
 - [ADD] load playlists based on post categories and tags (taxonomy)
 - [ADD] password protected content (global per playlist or individual)
 - [ADD] Auxiliary shortcodes for creating players and playlists on the fly
 - [ADD] added Player API methods and Events section in admin
 - [ADD] custom annotation positions and margins over player, default annotation inactive opacity and close button positions
 - [ADD] option to minimize player to page bottom on scroll (limited to one player in page)
 - [ADD] option to copy & move tracks between playlists and filter tracks in playlist admin
 - [ADD] active item and timestamp parameters in url
 - [ADD] option to enable/disable adverts/annotations individually
 - [ADD] optional poster image for Youtube and Vimeo
 - [ADD] option to display poster image on mobile to preserve bandwidth
 - [ADD] WhatsApp share button
 - [UPDATE] added optional scrollbar for description and embed area instead of browser default one
 - [UPDATE] improved iframe loading in annotations
 - [FIX] small bug fixes in frontend and backend

VERSION 1.78 [16.8.2018]

 - [FIX] media order in playlist not saving after sort
 - [ADD] option to set image alt text
 - [UPDATE] improved subtitle styling

VERSION 1.77 [6.8.2018]

 - [ADD] Google Analytics tracking
 - [ADD] option to swipe the video

VERSION 1.76 [2.8.2018]

 - [CHANGE] new controls style
 - [UPDATE] improved vimeo playback (vimeo playlist can now contain both default and chromeless videos)

VERSION 1.75 [23.7.2018]

 - [UPDATE] improved chapters on mobile
 - [ADD] CSS shadow effects on player
 - [ADD] option to remember playback position on page reload
 - [ADD] new ad events to track ads (callbacks)
 - [FIX] mouse wheel on button navigation

VERSION 1.72 [19.7.2018]

 - [ADD] added sort and sort direction options for Youtube/Vimeo playlists
 - [FIX] chapters not working on Android
 - [FIX] big play button appearing over Vimeo default player

VERSION 1.71 [17.7.2018]

 - [ADD] new horizontal bottom button navigation with spaced layout between thumbnails
 - [FIX] some bug fixes from version 1.7

VERSION 1.7 [15.7.2018]

 - [ADD] conditional script loading (improves usability and performance)
 - [ADD] pre roll, mid roll, end roll adverts, individual per video / global per playlist (adverts can be self hosted videos, audio, images, youtube single video, vimeo single video)
 - [ADD] on screen popup annotations, individual per video / global per playlist (show/hide HTML elements on screen during playback)
 - [ADD] optional custom html content in playlist items 
 - [ADD] vimeo chromeless player 
 - [ADD] video redirect feature (on video end go to url)
 - [FIX] some issues with 360 playback
 - [FIX] video start time
 - [CHANGE] loadMoreOnTotalScroll moved from settings to data-load-more attribute on playlist item
 - [UPDATE] elements visibility (hide subtitles, annotations, upnext on mobile)
 - [UPDATE] overall code improvements
 - [ADD] optional place javascript in footer
 - [UPDATE] same player can now be reused in same page unlimited times

VERSION 1.37 [19.6.2018]

 - [FIX] Call to undefined function pag_isNullOrEmpty

VERSION 1.37 [14.6.2018]

 - [ADD] added video chapters option

VERSION 1.36 [11.6.2018]

 - [ADD] HLS Live Streaming with Multiple Audio Tracks and Subtitles support 
 - [ADD] optional up next video feature
 - [ADD] new transparent controls layout
 - [ADD] optional no controls (for use as video background)
 - [ADD] option to hide certain buttons on mobile 
 - [FIX] remember playback rate speed on quality change
 - [FIX] playback quality change for youtube reloading video instead of quality 

VERSION 1.35 [3.6.2018]

    <strong>Note:</strong> this update will delete all current players in Player manager because of compatibility (playlist data remains saved)
 - [ADD] Youtube playback option without cookies
 - [FIX] navigation type buttons sometimes showing with no more items to load on load more option
 - [ADD] New 100% window size layouts
 - [ADD] general player sizing options
 - [ADD] optional grid calculations for playlistPosition outer (grid, wall layouts)
 - [ADD] optional thumbnail preview when seeking video (requires sprite of images for each video + vtt) 
 - [UPDATE] updates to lightbox layouts
 - [ADD] admin option to duplicate player and playlist
 - [ADD] optional playlist selector above the player (list or select option) with chosen playlists

VERSION 1.31 [14.5.2018]

 - [UPDATE] update for Chrome autoplay

VERSION 1.3 [6.5.2018]

 - [ADD] new option to autoplay videos after first video has been manually started
 - [ADD] new option to start playing video when player is visible on the page
 - [ADD] option to have youtube default player controls
 - [FIX] some bug fixes and code improvements

UPDATE 1.27 [25.4.2018]

 - [ADD] now you can set player ratio for video area (for example 4/3, 16/9 etc..) 
 - [ADD] ability to show / hide Load more button for Playlist style Outer or Wall
 - [UPDATE] load more button is now automatically removed when there is no more data to load  
 - [FIX] video not resizing if autoplay is false and poster was used   
 - [FIX] lightbox mode fullscreen 

UPDATE 1.25 [21.4.2018]

 - [UPDATE] new grid wall layout option with player as ligthbox

UPDATE 1.2 [9.4.2018]

 - [UPDATE] new playlist scroll options (buttons and hover)
 - [UPDATE] new admin details
 - [ADD] option to load more on total scroll in playlist (for Youtube and Vimeo videos)
 - [FIX] few bug fixes

UPDATE [21.03.2018]

 - [FIX] few bug fixes

UPDATE [20.03.2018]

 - [UPDATE] map.css share classes (facebook, twitter...)

VERSION 1.0 [11.03.2018]

- first release


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