Light Switch – Plugin for WordPress




The Light Switch plugin add a light switch to any contents you want. Turning off the light will give a better look and visibility to your contents like videos and images, and will permit also a better reading of your textual posts.

Light Switch plugin will enhance the site contents vision to your visitors.
Turn off the light to any content like texts, images and videos, or any other content you want.

Light Switch - Plugin for WordPress - 1
Light Switch plugin is fully customizable through the admin plugin panel. Watch the demo for various light switch examples!

Improve user experience

Light Switch - Plugin for WordPress - 2

Fully Customisable, set and easily customize your Light Switch!

  • Enable / Disable Light Switch
  • Where load Light Switch
    • Post pages
    • Any pages
  • Light Switch Element Preset
    • Blog Post container
    • Youtube or Vimeo Video
    • Custom element
  • Auto Light Off option for any post or page
  • Light Switch position
    • Where you want (PHP code and Shortcode available)
    • Right to Post
    • Left to Post
    • Fixed to right
    • Fixed to left
  • Top/right/left Offset value
  • Show/Hide Light Switch Icon
  • Light Switch Icon type (Bulb or Switch)
  • Light Switch Icon Size
  • Show/Hide Light Switch Text
  • Custom Text Labels and Size
  • ON Light Switch text color [NEW!]
  • OFF Light Switch text color [NEW!]
  • Light Switch Element Background Color
  • Light Switch Element Padding
  • Close on ESC
  • Close on Click
  • Load and close speed
  • Mask Color (unlimited colors combinations)
  • Mask Opacity
  • Light Switch ‘On’ button Opacity
  • Mask z-Index


For any need contact me using the plugin support form here. I’ll be happy to help you.


# Update 1.9 (Nov 23, 2018)
- Added color option for Light Switch text
- Some code optimization

# Update 1.8 (Mar 19, 2017)
- Important code optimization

# Update 1.7 (Mar 15, 2017)
- New icon type for Light Switch button
- Some code optimization

# Update 1.6 (Aug 23, 2016)
- Added unlimited color combinations for the light switch mask
- New ability to set a background color for the item to which the light switch is applied
- New ability to set an optional animated padding for the item to which the light switch is applied
- Some code optimization

# Update 1.5 (May 5, 2016)
- Some code optimization for last Jquery version

# Update 1.4 (14/12/2015)
- Added Shortcode button to wordpress post editor
- Some code optimization

# Update 1.3 (27/03/2015)
- Added Auto Light Off option for any post or page

# Update 1.2 (05/03/2015)
- Added Auto Light Off feature
- Some code optimization

# Update 1.1 (23/06/2014)
- Added Shortcode for light switch button

# Update 1.0 (06/06/2013)
- Initial release


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