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Add Knowledge Base, Wiki or even FAQ on any part of your WordPress website easily using this powerful shortcode plugin.

KnB is a WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin and/or Wiki Shortcode Plugin that provides easy options for managing your knowledgebase items. Using KnB you can easily create and assign item categories than can be displayed on up to Four(4) columns and supports subcategories! Create shortcode easily using the included Shortcode Generator menu with display options, ordering, visibility control and layout selections.

Your ultimate Helpdesk or even FAQ WordPress plugin that also comes with Voting features that provides like and dislike button for you to get insights of what items are useful on your customers. Use the Widget features to show the top voted articles or the latest and popular knowlege base items.


  • Shortcode Generator
  • KnB Widget to display items on sidebar
  • Display up to Four(4) Columns
  • Search Form Shortcode
  • Voting Shortcode applicable for any post types
  • Custom post type and category slug
  • Subcategory Support
  • Post Format icon support
  • Customize the display to match your current theme! Choose your own color style ;)
  • Fully Responsive
  • Browsers Compatible

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WordPress Knowledgebase Shortcode Plugin

WordPress Wiki Plugin

WordPress Voting Plugin


March 29, 2016
1.1 Add/Fix Sub Category Support when parent is empty

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