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Image Caption Hover is very simple to use, lightweight and Powerful WordPress Plugin which lets you insert images with captions in your site with animations. You can choose hover effects for Images and Captions from a collection of more than 200 Hover Effects. Audio music on hover makes your images more awesome and you can use any music or sound which will play when users hover over the images.

Image Caption Hover is supported for almost all modern browsers and compatible with mobile devices even with the Safari. You can also configure the touch behavior for mobile devices. Its development is based on WordPress Codex Standards and compatible with all themes.

Carousel Slider gives you an easy way to display portfolios, feedbacks, logos and even user profiles with hovered captions. The slider is also mobile devices compatible and adapts with the browser’s width.

Masonry Grid, Simple Grid, and Bootstrap grid system are also available and you can choose the number of columns and can also tweak these layouts on mobile devices.

Image/Video popups are also available. PrettyPhoto and Magnific Popup both are available and you can choose the best suits for you.

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19.1 – 20 August 2020

* Feature Added: Admin UI enhanced
* Bug Fixed: Color picker not working with WP 5.5
* Bug Fixed: Media Uploader not working with WP 5.5
* Bug Fixed: Debug true displays undefined variables


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