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Iconize is a WordPress plugin for adding vector icons to posts, pages, menu items, widget titles and taxonomy terms visually, using simple and easy to use modal dialog. Plugin was built with WordPress best practises in mind and contains about 2000 icons which are crisp at 16x pixels ( except dashicons which are available in WordPress 3.8 and crisp at 20x pixels ).


  • Visually choose, configure, insert and edit icons using modal dialog
  • Within dialog you can:
    • Browse icons by font
    • Search for icon by name
    • Set icon color
    • Enable/disable color change effect on hover
    • Select predefined transform, animation or hover effect CSS class
    • Select predefined size CSS class or enter font size
    • Select predefined align CSS class
    • Add custom CSS classes
  • Fonts included:
    • Font Awesome
    • Foundicons
    • Genericons
    • Entypo
    • Typicons
    • Iconic
    • Zocial
    • Fontelico and Brandico
    • Icomoon ( free pack )
    • Dashicons in WordPress 3.8 version
  • Editor integration:
    • TinyMCE visual editor plugin
      • See the real icons in editor content ( no shortcodes or image placeholders )
      • Insert icons
      • Edit existing icons
      • Combine two icons
    • HTML ( text ) editor plugin for inserting icons
    • Works on normal and fullscreen editor modes
    • Works on frontend editors too if needed ( dialog will need some styling )
  • Menus system integration
    • Assign icon to menu items within WP menus admin UI
    • Icon is inserted before menu item on front end
  • Widgets system integration
    • Assign icon to widget titles within widgets admin UI
    • Icon is inserted before widget title on front end
  • Taxonomy system integration
    • Assign icon to categories, tags or custom taxonomy terms ( with enabled UI ) within Add/Edit term admin screens
    • Display list or tag cloud of iconized terms using “Iconized Taxonomies” widget.
    • Included function to display single term icon on templates.
  • Simple settings page to enable/disable plugin components
  • Translation ready ( .pot file included )
  • RTL support


The following plugin customizations can be done from themes functions.php file using plugin filters so you don’t need to worry about losing them on plugin updates. You can find example customizations in the docs and i will be happy to assist you if needed.

  • Add your own icon fonts
  • Add your own transform/animation/hover effect/size/align CSS classes to dialog dropdowns
  • Enable/disable dialog options
  • Customize icon output on widget titles and menu items
  • Set plugin options and hide it from user
  • Integrate icon selector button on other admin pages/systems ( besides custom menus, widgets and taxonomy pages/systems )


If you have any question or feature request, please contact me via contact form on my profile page or leave a comment. And don’t forget to rate.


I’ve used the following open source projects.


  • Font Awesome by @davegandy. License – Font: SIL OFL 1.1, CSS: MIT License
  • Foundicons font by Zurb. License – MIT Open Source License
  • Genericons font by Automatic. License – GPL
  • Entypo font by Daniel Bruce. License – The Entypo pictograms are licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 and the font under SIL Open Font License
  • Typicons font by Stephen Hutchings. License – CC BY-SA
  • Iconic font by P.J. Onori. License – SIL Open Font License
  • Zocial font by Sam Collins. License – MIT Open Source License
  • Fontelico and Brandico fonts by Crowdsourced, for Fontello project. License – SIL Open Font License
  • Icomoon – free pack from IcoMoon App by Keyamoon. License – GPL



- Fixed bug in plugin settings - checkboxes were not available
- Fixed menu error on some themes and newer WP versions
- Enabled TinyMCE plugin on Classic block in Gutenberg editor
- Fixed widget PHP warning
- Fixed JS error in Icon selector search dropdown
- General code improvements and updates
- Fixed bug with loading editor plugin scripts on WP 3.9
- Added widget autoupdate to widget title icon option in theme customizer
- Added options to display icon after menu item title and widget title
- Added compatibility with Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
- Fixed php warning on tag cloud
- Added TinyMCE 4 compatibility -  WordPress 3.9
- Two minor bug fixes
- Added "Icon" column to taxonomy settings screen
- Ability to override icon colors added to "Iconized Taxonomies" widget
- Updated font - Genericons
- Updated font - Dashicons
- Updated documentation and .POT file
- CSS fixes
- New component - Taxonomy icons
- New transforms, animations, hover effects
- Ability to apply parent hover color added to dialog
- Ability to enter custom icon size added to dialog ( editor dialog only )
- Added compatibility with Widget Customizer Plugin
- Added CSS RTL support
- CSS fixes
- Other small improvements
- Minor CSS fixes
- Small ui autocomplete fix
- Fixed tinymce plugin compatibility with wp link plugin
- Initial release


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