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Existing users:
Please refer to the documentation for how the wokflow has changed in Iconica 2.0

Please note:
Font uploading has been disabled on the demo site. Watch the screencasts instead to see how it works.

So, why choose Iconica?

Visual Composer compatible and allows you to add your own icon fonts. What’s not to love?

Here’s a few more reasons if the above two weren’t enough:

  • Shortcode editor
  • 1,577 beautiful icons
  • Retina-ready through the use of icon fonts
  • Intuitive customization panel with animated live preview section
  • Icon pack filter
  • Ability to search icons by name.
  • Ability to generate HTML code for your chosen icon and the style options you’ve just gone through.
  • Set size, color, background color, padding, border style/color/width/radius, URL and/or custom class(es) for your chosen icon
  • Extensive documentation with instructions for installation, use and how to add your own icon fonts

Thanks to:

For buyers:

If you found Iconica useful and enjoyed it, please take a moment to rate it! By doing so you help other buyers as well, not just the author. Sharing and recommending the plugin is greatly appreciated, too!

Change log

v.2.0, 04 Aug. 2014

- Reworked the class-based approach to the plugin.
- Added font uploading facility which uses the native WordPress file upload.
- Added animation options along with the ability to assign more than one animation to a single icon.
- Made the modal panel wider and refined its layout.
- The field for adding custom classes to an icon now displays these classes in a tag-like fashion through the use of a jQuery plugin.
- The generated HTML output does not need to be highlighted any more - simply clicking on it will select it all.

v.1.4, 22 Oct. 2013

- Added ability to edit shortcodes generated by Iconica.
Thanks to user "joax" for the idea!

v.1.3, 30 Sept. 2013

- Added ability to generate HTML code for icon.
- Adding a border now takes advantage of the default border-width of 'medium',
meaning that the user only has to choose a color to set a border, as opposed to before
when both a width and a color had to be set in order for the border to appear.
- Replaced the non-editable protocol field with a drop-down which lets the user choose
between http://, https://, mailto:, and callto: protocols for the URL option.
Thanks to user "linksbreaker" for the idea!

v.1.2, 24 Sept. 2013

- Added ability to search icons by name.
- JavaScript functionality moved to a separate file for better maintenance.

v. 1.1, 17 Sept. 2013

- Fixed a white outline issue in "Live preview" section of plugin panel.
Thanks to user "pleiadene" for spotting it!
- Added options for control over border width, border color and border style.
- "Customize icon" section divided into sub-sections for easier navigation.
- Added option to edit all paddings simultaneously.
Thanks to user "pleiadene" for the idea!

v. 1.0, 12 Sept. 2013

- Initial release


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