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FAT Gallery is a premium responsive wordpress gallery plugin. There are 5 main gallery style : Masonry , Justified, Album , Carousel, and Grid . FAT Gallery compatible with Visual Composer . You can change all colors, font sizes, spacings etc. from powerful plugin settings panel.


  • Fully responsive clean design
  • Image size, colors,font sizes, spacings, hover background color are changable via plugin settings panel.
  • 5 different gallery style. Masonry style, Justified, Album , carousel style, and grid style (filter category)
  • Mix between image and video
  • You Tube and Vimeo video support
  • 5 custom gallery shortcode
  • Compatible with Visual Composer
  • Filter galleries with gallery categories
  • Ready for translation (.mo file is included)
  • Well Documented
  • Cross Browser Support


Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Change Log


  • Fix miss css when use shortcode with Visual Composer version 6.x
  • v.1.4.4(29-Mar-2019)

    • Add option for change image path domain. It is used in case of changing the site’s domain
    • v.1.4.3(13-Mar-2019)

      • Fix order descending for grid layout


      • Fix background window for 3D layout


      • update option: set default category active


      • Add option: enable/disable ‘All’ category filter
      • Add option: select category filter default

      v.1.3 (18-Aug-2018)

      • Fix codo effect with ajax filter

      v.1.29 (16-Aug-2018)

      • Fix image overlap when use filter or load more

      v.1.28 (24-July-2018)

      • Auto remove duplicate image between categories
      • Fix ajax filter with user who logged

      v.1.27 (11-July-2018)

      • Fix image position for justified layout

      v.1.26 (05-July-2018)

      • Fix category filter when use more than two shortcode in page

      v.1.25 (18-June-2018)

      • Fix conflict with fancybox popup gallery.

      v.1.24 (24-March-2018)

      • Fix missing Image height in Layout setting tab.

      v.1.23 (07-March-2018)

      • Add option to input link to detail for Album layout
      • Add image click able to detail for Lily and Zoe effect

      v.1.22 (07-Jul-2017)

      • Fixed image on justified gallery on some theme
      • add zoe and lily hover effect to grid and masonry layout

      v.1.21 (07-Apr-2017)

      • Update font-awesome to latest version (4.7.0)
      • Replace select2 library by selectize to fix conflict select2 on some theme

      v.1.20 (01-Apr-2017)

      • Update max-height for image in light gallery
      • Fix missing thumbnail in light gallery for compact mode
      • Update translate for ‘All category’, ‘View more’ in WPML

      v.1.19 (20-Jan-2017)

      • Add share to lightbox gallery

      v.1.18 (13-Jan-2017)

      • Add options for shortcode album layout

      v1.17 (09-Jan-2017)

        v1.16 (11-Dev-2016)

          v1.15 (01-Nov-2016)

          • Add shortcode generate for album layout
          • Fix some bug on salient theme
          • Update resize image for masonry layout

          v1.14 (14-Oct-2016)

          • Add option order category in FAT Shortcode generate dropdown category
          • Add order category filter at frontend

          v1.13 (13-Oct-2016)

          • Add option order category in select dropdown
          • Add option order gallery by ID, Title, Slug or Random
          • Change getimagesize by wp_get_image_meta

          v1.12 (29-Sep-2016)

          • Add option change fat gallery slug to FAT Settings
          • Add option change ‘All category’ filter label

          v1.11 (13-Sep-2016)

          v1.10 (01-Sep-2016)

          • Update option ‘popup lighbox gallery’ for mix gallery

          v1.9 (26-Aug-2016)

          • Update filter on mobile’s horizonal screen
          • Hide thumbnail default on lighbox gallery
          • Add option change ‘View more’ label to FAT Setting

          v1.7 (08-Aug-2016)

          • Fixed color picker on FAT Setting
          • Add option crop image constrain for masonry layout

          v1.6 (05-Aug-2016)

          • Add caption to lightbox popup
          • Fix small space between items when choice padding

          v1.5 (03-Aug-2016)

          • Fix black square div on header in galleria’s library

          v1.4 (28-July-2016)

          • Add justified layout and shortcode generator for justified layout
          • Add option hide or show image title and image caption when hover

          v1.3 (24-July-2016)

          v1.2 (19-July-2016)

          • Remove message ‘No theme CSS loaded’ on galleria shortcode

          v1.1 (16-July-2016)

          • Add “load more” function

          v1.0 (12-July-2016)

          • Initial version

      v1.8 (18-Aug-2016)


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