Facemash for WordPress




Create a facemash image rating competition on your WordPress website in minutes!

Facemash (or Hot or Not) is a simple game where a user is presented with two images and asked to select one. The user clicks on whichever he likes the most.

Images are battled against each other like a Chess tournament and you can display winners on your site.

Here is an example where the user has to select his favorite scientist!

Facemash for WordPress - 1

Little trivia: Youtube started out as a Hot Or Not website!


  1. Create Hot or Not and facemash type image rating games on you website in minutes!
  2. Fully Ajax!
  3. Use images of any size, you can easily change it in settings!
  4. Elo Rating system (same system used to rank chess players) to rate images!
  5. Add images in Bulk or one by one
  6. Completely customizableĀ CSS
  7. Works with any language! Easy to change prompts and texts in settings
  8. Display facemash battle in any post with a simple shortcode!
  9. Display Hall of Fame of Images using a simple shortcode


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