Facebook and Twitter Publisher for WordPress




This plugin enables you to send updates on your Facebook and Twitter accounts when you publish a post or page in your WordPress.

How it works is very simple:

Step 1
You just need to connect with your Facebook account from the plugin settings, and your Facebook account and all your Facebook pages will be connected and attached. You can also connect and attach as many Twitter account as you want.

Step 2
Whenever you are editing a page or post, you will notice on the right side the Social publishing box, with all your connected Facebook accounts (including pages) and Twitter accounts. You can select the accounts you want to publish the story to. It’s as easy and simple as that !

You can naturally fully customize the messages posted on your Facebook account, and Twitter accounts as well. And you can have a specific message type to post on your Twitter timeline, and a different one to be posted on your chosen Facebook account (or pages).


– Ability to connect and attach your Facebook account
– Ability to connect and attach your Facebook pages
– Ability to connect your Twitter accounts (one or several)
– Social publisher box available on all post edit pages
– Checkboxes to select the accounts you want to publish to
– Customize the message posted on your selected Facebook accounts
– Customize the message posted on your chosen Twitter timelines
– History of all updates supported (from the posts edit pages)
– Track how many messages have been posted on each accounts
– Easily found out what a status update is failing (if that happens)
– Supports the 2 most popular social networks (Facebook and Twitter)
– Shortcode support ({post_title} and {post_link}) to be used in your messages
– The easy way to publish your new articles or pages on your selected social networks


6 June 2014
– Updated to the latest Facebook API v2.0
– Made the published messages history refreshes automatically when new shares are published (to avoid refreshing the page to see the new entries in the history)
– Added a message saying that the post / page need to be published before the articles can be shared on social networks

22 June 2013
– Updated to the latest Twitter API v1.1
– Updated the Facebook connect feature to a more stable version
– Fixed a minor bug causing the display of token expired, even if the tokens were valid

Standalone – Non WordPress version

The standalone version is available here


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