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Color Studio is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to see, tweak or add custom colorization to page elements of any theme. It reads all theme stylesheets (including styles added by plugins) regardless if they are linked or embedded to the page and creates a color swatches list. Hover each swatch to get the visual preview (flashing) which element is affected by the rule. Sort colors by hue/usage/transparency, etc. to list only the colors you want to modify. Add them to custom colors and tweak them as you like with instant preview in the theme page.

There is no similar plugin available for the WordPress at the moment
which brings this kind of functionality automatically and with ease.


  • Live, instant preview of all color changes in any theme
  • Unobtrusive: does not modify theme or child theme files, making it bulletproof for future theme updates
  • Locator tool: point and click on any page element to generate the CSS selector for it!
  • Lists all color styles, added by theme or installed plugins. Modify text color, background, borders & outline.
  • Four types of color picker with transparency support with fallback – opaque colors for the older browsers
  • Top-notch performance: only 1 css file or embedded styles, minification option included
  • Allows additional custom CSS for each selector, making it a true visual style editor
  • Ajaxed, easy interface
  • Plugin settings import/export
  • Simple plugin installation – just upload & activate
  • Auto plugin update notifications
  • Localization ready (.mo, .po files)
May 2013      -    v1.0     - Initial release
Feb 2014      -    v1.01     - Code optimization to avoid memory leaks for heavy sites
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