APIReader (and Parser Library) for WordPress




APIReader for WordPress is an amazing new plugin that allows you to integrate into any API in the world! And with our WordPress plugin, you need absolutely no technical experience at all to get started.

An API is basically a way of communicating with an external service, and you may ask, why would you do that? It’s to exchange data. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, MySpace, LinkedIn and millions other websites all have API’s.

What is possible with APIReader within WordPress? Well, we have an amazing feature which allows you to break down request data to only pull up what you need. So, you could make an API request to Twitter and only extract your latest tweet – which can then be embedded ANYWHERE in your WordPress blog, and it updates every so often automatically (depending on your settings) – now, that is about as cool as you can get!

Look at the Live Preview which will show you some videos, because honestly, it speaks for itself!


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